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These resources are available to download and print to enhance your visit. You may find that one worksheet will suffice, given the length of your visit, which will mostly be taken up the other activities on offer including the museum talk and the handling collection. 

Teacher Guidance 

Some helpful suggestions and information for before, during and after your visit. You will hear lots about the changing shape of our coastline during your visit, watch this animation to give you an idea before your visit. This shows the coastline changing from c.400 - 2000. 

Museum I-Spy

Use the Museum I-Spy to help you look carefully around the museum to spot these artefacts and images as you go. Note down some information about them in the boxes provided if you wish. 

Museum Quiz (KS3 & UPKS2)

For more of a challenge, see if you can find the answers for our museum quiz in our cases and displays. 

Character Scrolls

During your visit you will hear about the types of people who lived in, worked at and visited Dunwich in the medieval period.  Use these scrolls in your english lessons for role-plays and hot-seating. Choose from the merchant,  pilgrim or grey friar scripts, or invent your own character who lived in Dunwich long ago. 

On Dunwich Beach 

If you have time during your visit to Dunwich, classes often choose to spend some time on Dunwich Beach to learn about coastal processes and marine habitats. We suggest a number of beach activities, including an activity searching for and sorting beach finds. Use our Beach Detectives spotter sheet to guide your search. 


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