Dunwich Museum

The Beach
  • Let your children enjoy the sensory feast of an hour by the sea.
  • Let them work as a team to measure and analyise what they are seeing.
  • Send the children on a Scavenger Hunt.
  • Observe the force of the sea, measure the long shore drift by throwing an orange into the water.
  • Compare the size of stones at different levels of the beach.
  • Look at the cliff, what is it made of? Look for signs of erosion.
  • Look at the sea defenses. Do you think they are working? Should we try and defend our village or should we accept inevitable loss? Imagine the land extending hundreds of metres out to sea.
  • Use our Gingerbread man to imagine what it was like at the time of the Great Storm.
  • Ask to borrow our Harbour View banner showing what the children would have seen from here 800 years ago.